4 Steps to Take Prior to Hiring a Corporate Escrow Company in AZ

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Choosing a corporate escrow company in AZ to manage your transaction requires some due diligence. Because an escrow is designed to protect all parties involved, it’s a good practice to authenticate the expertise, level of security and standards of customer service that you expect from the company that will be facilitating your escrow arrangement.
While it is known that title and escrow companies are trusted partners in the closing process, the biggest challenge is choosing the right escrow company in AZ because it is critical to the closing process. With this in mind, here are four steps you should take before hiring an escrow company.
Step 1.  Verify the escrow company’s reputation.  When seeking the services of an escrow company, reputation matters. This is why it is critical that you investigate the reputation of the company before doing business with them. In particular, you want to pay close attention to claims pertaining to the escrow company’s professionalism, as this is usually the best sign of how they will conduct business with you.
 Step 2.  Assess the experience of the title and escrow company. Just as not all real estate transactions offer the same outcome, not all escrow companies are equal. However, outside of doing business with the company, the only reliable method of evaluating their experience is by evaluating their background. In doing so, it’s important to determine whether the company has handled the type of transactions you need.
 Step 3.  Consider proximity and location.  Once you have hired an escrow company, you’ll likely make frequent visits to their office, especially during the transaction process. This makes it essential that you consider the location of the company you are considering. Be sure to find a company that is within close proximity to you or that has a title and escrow agent that is local to you. Since your time is valuable, it’s best to avoid hiring escrow companies that require hours of travel.
 Step 4.  Evaluate the fees of the escrow company in AZ.  The fees that escrow companies charge represent the added costs associated with real estate property. There are several types of escrow fees that are generally the same for escrow services across the board, but there are also some fees that vary from one company to the next. It is, therefore, your responsibility to research the service and evaluate their fees, so that you may find the company that offers the most reasonable cost structure.
 Escrow companies provide both a necessary and vital service. The value of the service is vital to the management of the closing process. Without a doubt, hiring the right escrow company in AZ is among the most important decisions you will have to make; a decision that will benefit both you and your corporation.
Selecting an escrow company doesn’t have to be a difficult and time-consuming process.  Answering a few questions ahead of time can ensure that your escrow agreement will be executed flawlessly. Take some time to make sure that you’ll be receiving all the convenience, communication, transparency and professional expertise that a professional escrow company in AZ provides.
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