Non-Imputation Endorsement (Mezzanine Financing) – (TLTA T-24.1)

This endorsement is typically requested in situations where it is contemplated that new partners/officers or directors will acquire an interest in the partnership or corporation after closing. This endorsement provides insurance to a lender whose loan is secured not by a lien against the land but rather by some form of security against the beneficial interest of the business entity that owns the Land. The security may be a pledge of and security interest in the stock in a corporation, partnership interest in a partnership, or membership interest in a limited liability company. The Endorsement is made a part of an Owner’s Policy rather than a Loan Policy, because the lender’s personal property security interest is not being insured so no Loan Policy is issued to the lender. The endorsement assigns the rights under the policy of the Insured owner of the Land to the defined Mezzanine Lender. The endorsement provides that the Company will not assert as a defense to matters known to the Insured owner, as long as they were not known to the Mezzanine Lender. It further provides that the Company will not deny liability on the basis that ownership interests in the Insured have been transferred to or acquired by the Mezzanine Lender.

clta107.11-06 TLTA T-24.1

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