Our professionals have a wide variety of experience in 1031 transactions and related areas of entity formation, tax, and real estate. Thomas Title & Escrow integrates Asset Preservation, Inc.’s (API) 1031 services to seamlessly setup your exchange and coordinate the closing.

Have a complicated question? We help a wide variety of real estate investors find creative solutions to reach their investing goals while limiting the risk involved in an exchange. We work hand-in hand with tax and legal counsel to make sure you have all the pieces lined up correctly before the exchange takes place. Don’t risk your tax liability – come to us first!

What do you need to start? 1031 exchanges are similar to title transactions – you have to have a qualified intermediary (“QI”) lined up before the transaction to hold your money during the exchange. Call us when you are thinking of doing a 1031 exchange so that we can help prepare you for the process.

The one important thing to remember: the sale contract must be assigned to the QI before closing, so don’t wait!

How do you start an exchange? Just send us the executed sale contract and we can get the exchange process started.


Finding a trusted professional is critical for exchange success. We help with consultation before the exchange, providing and preparing the legal documentation to enter into the exchange, communicating with the escrow officer, broker, legal team, tax professional, and related parties in order to complete the exchange. Our consultation and communication services are provided at no extra cost – we believe that our first priority is quality service to you.

Many real estate investors have been told that they are not eligible for tax deferred treatment of a 1031. Many times they are eligible and don’t know it – and case law is always changing, so there may be new updates that allow protection for the taxpayer to do an exchange. Our goal is to provide quality assistance to make sure you know the facts.


We understand trust is essential in this business, especially because 1031 firms are not regulated by the federal government. We hold exchange funds at a national bank with FDIC insurance, our internal procedures require dual authentication for approving 1031 fund disbursements, and E&O insurance protection is in place in all transactions.  Most importantly, our staff is trained to protect critical information and minimize the risk of fraud in every transaction. We communicate with you in real-time to make sure your money is safe.

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